2021 Annual INTELLENET Conference

March 23 – 25, 2021

     There is so much to understand pertaining to Financial Abuse of Older Adults. Remember the best way for us to protect ourselves, our families and our loved ones is to Educate ourselves. If you are here, you are probably taking the first step in doing that.  Below are many of the Papers, Video links, articles that helped me build the PowerPoint presentation.

     Feel free to use any of the links as resources and references to educate yourself on the topic.  These links are NOT the property of Deandrea Investigations & Security LLC. and as such, should you choose to use any of them other than to read, the appropriate permissions should be sought or citations used for each of them.


     The presentation given at the 2021 INTELLENET Conference: Investigating Financial Abuse of Older Adults, is the intellectual property of Frank V. DeAndrea, Jr. of DeAndrea Investigations & Security LLC and is Copyrighted 2021 with all rights reserved. Should you desire to use any portion of the presentation, please contact Frank at frank@deandrea.biz.

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Elder Financial Exploitation - National Adult Protective ...

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