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Voted Pennsylvania Association of Licensed Investigators
2023 Investigators of the Year


Voted Pennsylvania Association of Licensed Investigators

Investigative Professionals  of the Year 2023

In September, 2023, Sandy and Frank were awarded the honor of being the FIRST EVER COUPLE to be voted the Investigator of the Year. The Award Citation ended with: 

"After multiple nominations were received individually for both Sandy & Frank, I recommended to the committee to consider having a “Joint” award. We’re confident that neither of them would complain, as they are joined at the hip. The bottom line is, each of them make the world a better place in which to live and they are the epitome of the saying: “THE WHOLE IS TRULY GREATER THAN THE SUM OF THE PARTS!”

It is indeed an honor to be laureates of such a prestigious award where you are selected by your peers.

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