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Frank's CV:

A.     Education- Hazleton Area High School - Graduated 1982

United States Army Military Police School 1983

Pennsylvania State University Main Campus - Administration of Justice 1986-1988

Pennsylvania State Police Academy - 1988-1989

B.    Military Service- U. S. Army Military Police - 1983-1986 Honorable discharge 1986

·        At age 19 promoted to the rank of acting Corporal and served as Watch Commander having police authority over all individuals and reporting only to the Provost Marshal. Youngest person in the history of the Ft. Dix Military Police Company to hold the watch commander position.  Attached to Criminal Investigation Division worked undercover narcotics managing over 30 confidential informants and 100 active investigations

C.   Talents and Training - * Act 120 certification MPOETC#41200, *Policy and Procedure Writing,* Public Safety Media Training, * National Network of Safe Communities, *Shift Planning and Scheduling, *Effective Communication, *Basic Supervision, *Executive Protection, *Computer Crime, *Organized Crime,  *Organized Crime infiltration into Drug Gangs *Certified Pennsylvania Coroner, *Coroners Basic Education Course, *Criminal Investigation, *Homicide Investigation, *Fingerprint Classification, *Forensic Entomology, *Product Counterfeiting, *Accident Reporting, *Physical Identification, *Advanced Latent Fingerprint Techniques, *Military Police School, *Photography, Latent Fingerprints and Handling of Evidence, *Smith and Wesson Identi-Kit, *Traffic Accident Investigation, *Modern Concepts of Drug Abuse Prevention, *Gaming Enforcement Training, *Casino Card Dealer School, *Pennsylvania Certified CDL Examiner, *PSP CDL Examiner School, * Fallout Shelter Manager, *Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs, *DEA Basic Narcotics and Dangerous Drug Law Enforcement, *Professional Photographer, *Security Consultant, *VIP Security, *Executive Protection Professional -Chris Webber, * Executive Protection Professional -Manny Ramirez, * Executive Protection Professional -Joe Maddon, * Published Book Author, *Published Magazine Columnist - Pennsylvania Gaming Magazine *Inventor, United States Patent Office Patent Number D337473. Licensed Private Investigator Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Virginia, *Firearms Instructor - handgun/shotgun/patrol rifle.

D.  Experience-   


President – DeAndrea Investigations and Security LLC- President of the Private Investigation and Security company performing multiple facets of Private investigation as well as both VIP, Corporate and Residential Security. DeAndrea Investigations and Security LLC is a multi-State licensed business that collectively has over 62 years of law enforcement experience.

Currently the contract holder for all Financial Fraud investigations for Luzerne and Wyoming Counties Bureau of Aging. Internationally recognized expert on Policy and Procedure Writing and Investigations. Guest Lecturer to 2019 International Association of Private Investigators (Intellenet) Representing over 70 countries of Private Investigators.



President - Joe Maddon's Hazleton One Community Center - 02/01/2016 to 01/11/2020- President of the Joe Maddon Hazleton Integration Project. This world class community center, the brain child of MLB 3 Time Manager of the year and Native Hazletonian, Joe Maddon is the core of the Hazleton Community working to serve the entire community and close the gap between cultural and racial differences. The Center has partnered with Penn State University, Temple University, Maryland State University, Wilkes University and other Higher Learning Facilities to create unique programs and initiatives that not only are a model for the Hazleton Area, but are on the verge of becoming Models for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the Nation. Winner of the 2017 National Award: The Atlantic Award for creating duplicatable, innovative solutions to community problems that plague the United States


Board of Directors - Joe Maddon's Hazleton One Community Center - 02/01/2014 to Present- The Hazleton Integration Project is a community-based effort that seeks to unite the people of many different cultures who now call Hazleton home. The project is the brainchild of Hazleton native and Los Angeles Angels Manager Joe Maddon and who managed the Chicago Cubs to their first World Series in more than a hundred years. In 2013 HIP opened the Hazleton One Community Center.


RISE Initiative Founding member-. This Juvenile Program, approved by the Luzerne County Juvenile Court, The Luzerne County District Attorney, The Luzerne County Juvenile Probation Department, focuses on identifying troubled and high risk youth. These youth are entered into the program through the court system or the School District and provided with mentoring, training, remediation and appropriate rehabilitation to assist in allowing the children to go on to lead positive, law abiding lives and become contributing members of their community.  The RISE program is on the verge of becoming a State and National Model for Juvenile assistance, prevention and reform.


Disproportionate Minority Contact (DMC) Luzerne County Project Facilitator-  This National project pairs troubled and at risk youth with Law Enforcement Officers and Administrators and teaches each to understand the other. I serve as the facilitator of the Luzerne County project where youth and Law Enforcement officers come together opposed and leave united.


Communities that Care Mobilizer - Leader of the Hazleton Communities that Care imitative. a State project funded by the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency, the Mobilizer leads Community Leaders and Stakeholders in identifying and solving problems that will provide youth with a better quality of life.


Founding Board of Directors - CASA of Luzerne County (Court Appointed Special Advocacy)- Recognizing the need in Luzerne County to have an advocate for children who are appointed wards of the court while they progress through the system until they are appointed to a permanent home.  All other aspects are represented in the Judicial System. CASA gives the children a voice.


Chief of Police- Hazleton City Police Department – 03/08/2012 to 02/01/2016 – Chief of Police in charge Police, Code, Health, License and Permits, Zoning and Parking.  In charge 60% the City Workforce, supervising over sixty (60) individuals, forty (40) of which are police officers. Also responsible for nearly 2/3 rds the entire City budget in excess of 5.5 million dollars


In 48 months, I successfully designed, developed and implemented over 100 initiatives.  Several of the more noteworthy accomplishments I made as Chief of Police in Hazleton are:


  • Reduced Overtime spending by over 40% in 2014

  • Reduced Crime through Community Initiatives

  • Met with Gang Leaders to work on safer streets through understanding

  • Decreased costs by over $150,000.00 across the board and increased revenue by $150,000.00  for a net savings to the City of over $300,000.00. All of this was done by re-designing current practices and/or developing new ones.

  • Developed a True Budget for the Hazleton Police Department

  • Authored over 20 ordinances to address new issues or bring old ones up to date

  • Implemented a report writing process to make sure all members are up to date with required reporting

  • Developed an Ordinance Citation to allow HPD to streamline the issuance of fines for violations

  • Developed an Inventory for the Police Department

  • Purchased 8 new patrol and detective vehicles - first time since 2007 vehicles were purchased

  • Purchased Tasers for all officers- prior to Tasers, officers went out on comp injuries for fighting 1 every 5 weeks (10 per year) since the purchase of Tasers in 2012 only one officer has been injured in 24 months while involved in a fight (1 every 104 weeks)

  • Developed a Class A Uniform- HPD now has a dress uniform for wear at special events and presents a very professional appearance

  • Implemented a Uniform Standard and dress code to ensure all officers were properly attired

  • Developed a plan to use a collection agency to collect past due fines saving the city thousands of dollars in uncollected revenue

  • Wrote a discipline policy for HPD

  • Wrote an awards and special recognition policy for HPD

  • Created a Mission Statement and Core Values for HPD

  • Hired the first two (2) female officer in the history of HPD

  • Increased security in City Hall by adding a new camera system and a phone recorder

  • Supervise Police, Code, Health, License and Permits, Zoning, Parking to allow for a more unified approach to increase quality of life

  • Instituted mandatory training for all officers to keep them up to date on important issues

  • Created a Police Department Computer Network and secure server allowing restricted access to all police files

  • Created a professional Police Department E-Mail system for all officers

  • Designed an e-ticketing system allowing officers to prepare and file citations online as well as allowing the public to pay tickets and fines online

  • Designed an Online reporting system that will soon be available in Spanish

  • Developed a Limited English Speaking Policy in coordination with the Federal Department of Justice Civil Rights Division

  • Moved the Chief of Police Office into the 2nd Floor of City Hall to allow the Public access to the Chief of Police

  • Created an Open-Door Policy so the public can contact the Chief of Police

  • Designed a City-Wide Surveillance Camera System

  • Designed a way to use the Penn DOT Traffic Cameras as part of the City-Wide surveillance system to add over forty cameras at no cost to the City. This design and implementation has never been done before.

  • Created a standardized promotion test procedure for all HPD ranks-Prior to my tenure there was no standardized promotion system and officers were selected at the whim of the chief

  • Created a Neighborhood Watch Program linking all areas of the community in and out of the city

  • Added a Department Chaplain and Department Psychologist to assist members and the community with maintaining mental health as well as physical health

  • 2012 and 2013 ended the year under budget and with an increase in revenue

  • 2014 ended the year 15% under budget - The only Department in the entire City to remain under budget allowing the City to finish in the Black for the first time in over twenty (20) years.

  • Developed and implemented a "Call In" program to target leaders of local gangs instructing them to perform a "Cease Fire" around the City's Community Center. To date, 3 years and running, there has not been a crime within the Center or a one block radius.

  • In a recent third-party professional poll the Hazleton Police Department has risen to an over 80% approval rating within the City as judged by the residents.


Operations Director - Pennsylvania Gaming Magazine - June 2011 - February 2012- Responsible for Daily Operations of Pennsylvania's First Gaming Magazine

  • Published author of several Magazine Articles monthly.

  • Coordinated with contributing authors such as Maureen Williamson, White Sands Gaming; Marshal Fey (Grandson of the Slot Machine inventor Charles Fey); George Joseph Casino Industries leading expert on surveillance and cheating.

  • Working and intimate relationship with Casino Executives as well as the daily operation of Casinos to include expertise in Casino Security, Physical Security and the safety of gaming patrons and casinos alike.

  • Expert and Certified Three Card Poker Dealer, Pai Gow Poker Dealer, Bacarat Dealer, Black Jack Dealer

Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) Information:  Sergeant Frank V. DeAndrea, Jr.  Enlistment Date: 09/26/88   Retired: 04/15/11 as the Commander, Pocono Downs Gaming Enforcement Office


Commander, Pocono Downs Gaming Enforcement Office (2005-2011)

  • Worked directly with the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board developing and writing the Gaming Laws for Pennsylvania as the relate to the Pennsylvania State Police.

  • Designed the requirements and building plans for building a State Police Barracks (station) within a Casino.

  • Oversaw the construction, staffed, trained, prepared, opened and

commanded the first ever casino in the history of Pennsylvania and the Pennsylvania State Police

  • Designed and developed the fingerprint process for Casino Employees and Employees of the Horse and Harness Racing Commission

  • Assisted in writing and then implemented every Standard Operating Procedure written for the Pennsylvania State Police Gaming Enforcement Office operations

  • First Pennsylvania State Police Trooper to ever be certified as a Gaming Expert and trained as a certified casino dealer in Black-Jack, 3 card poker and Pai Gow Poker

  • Successful implementation the first ever Video Clip to be viewed on the Pennsylvania Criminal Information Center (PaCIC) Daily Report, now a practice used state-wide

  • Investigated, Arrested and Successfully prosecuted Canard Johnson, the first ever Casino Crime Investigation with a Felony Arrest in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

  • Submitted and maintained a multi-million dollar budget yearly

  • Created a schedule for gaming enforcement personnel ensuring all shifts properly covered & no overtime is scheduled. Twelve years later, this schedule is still the model Pennsylvania State Police uses in Casino operations to this day.

  •  Assisted Mohegan Sun Pocono Downs Executive Management in Casino Operations consultations of Security and Surveillance practices.

  •  Trained the original Security staff of Mohegan Sun Pocono Downs on Security issues as they pertained to investigations.

  •  Maintain personal and professional relationships with several of the executives from various Pennsylvania Casinos and the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board

  • Inspected Hollywood Casino Grantville prior to opening to ensure their Armor Car procedures and Money handling procedures were acceptable.

  • Supervised the Pennsylvania State Police Background Investigations Unit of Gaming Enforcement and conducted background investigations  for Key Employees for the Mohegan Sun Pocono Downs, Mount Airy Casino, Hollywood Casino, the Meadows Casino and the Rivers Casino.

  • Conducted background investigations for Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board employees and Executives.



Incident Investigation Management System (IIMS) Mobile Office Implementation Coordinator (2002 – 2005)

  • Responsible for managing a 22 million dollar State Police Mobile Computer project with Motorola

  • Rolled out over 1000 mobile computers to every State Police patrol vehicle in Pennsylvania

  • Personally saved PSP one million twenty-four thousand dollars ($1,024,000.00) by re-configuring the internal power management settings of the mobile computer instead of purchasing external components - $525,000.00 paid to PSP in contracted savings. Worked with Motorola to design a new inventory system using bar code technology now marketed worldwide.  Once implemented, this corrected inventory issues and resulted in a refund to PSP of $439,000.00.  Reviewed and revised the fleet changeover procedure saving PSP over $60,000.00 annually.

  • Recognized by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), Motorola and PSP as designing the only dual airbag compliant mounting solution in the United States for the Mobile Office as tested by NHTSA and designing the Motorola MW 800 Screen

  • Off duty, in my garage, using dental stone and modeling clay, I designed/sculpted the computer screen and provided it to Motorola who then sent it to Israel as a prototype and currently sell it as the award winning MW-800 worldwide

  • License Plate Recognition-Working with Motorola and Remington Elsag, designed the first ever License Plate Recognition System where cameras can take photos of Pennsylvania license plates and check them to see if they are expired, stolen or used in a crime. The system is now sold worldwide and is used by thousands of police departments.

  • LPR Mounting System Design-Worked with Havis Shield and designed a multi-position LPR vehicle roof mount that is now sold worldwide

  • Captured three Attempted Murder / Kidnapping suspects- During the first day of testing of the LPR system three murder/kidnap suspects were captured on the Pennsylvania Turnpike using the LPR system. The 2 children were safely rescued.


IIMS Mobile Office Team Member (1999 – 2002)

  • Recipient of the Flight 93 Award for setting up Mobile Computer communications to run CLEAN /NCIC transactions on the thousands of spectators who drove to the United Flight 93 crash site on September 11, 2001 in Shanksville, PA

  • Was the only member recognized and assigned to all six IIMS Teams: Evidence Collection, Mobile Office, Mobile Reporting, System Integration, Consolidated Dispatch and Records Management when PSP decided to automate their entire department from a paper system to a computerized one

  • Personally responsible for drafting all PSP Special Orders pertaining to use and care of the mobile computer and the current revision to PSP operations manual OM 7-10,pertaining to fleet changeover


Staff Corporal Troop N Hazleton (1997-1999)

  • Selected Law Enforcement Officer of the Year Hazleton Area Jay Cee’s

  • Successfully received approval for the donation of land, and personally built a firing range for Troop N Hazleton


Patrol Corporal Troop N Hazleton (1996-1997)

  • Recognized for carrying two injured Troopers to safety and assisting in the successful capture and prosecution of a fleeing felon


Patrol Corporal Troop P Shickshinny (1995-1996)

  • Recognized for setting up communications and coordinating the splitting of personnel into 3 flood separated areas of Luzerne County maintaining Police coverage during the Blizzard/Flood of 1996

  • 1996 Olympic Security Task Force; Atlanta, GA - Selected and invited to be a member of the 1996 Olympic Security detail


Identification Unit Member Troop N (1991-1995)

  • Processed six serial rape crime scenes and took part in the surveillance and capture of the serial rapist.  This investigation is the first case in the history of PA and PSP to use DNA in a prosecution.  It was reviewed by the PA Supreme Court and is the case that allows DNA to be used as an accurate standard for identification in Pennsylvania.

  • Published and co-authored, Steep Slope Dispersal and Collection of Skeletal Remains, and  invited as a guest lecturer at Temple University on processing skeletal remains at crime scenes

  • E.  Honors, Accommodations, Awards and Special Recognition-

  • INVESTIGATOR OF THE YEAR - Pennsylvania Association of Licensed Investigators -Voted Investigative Professional of the Year 2023 by a committee of Private Investigative Professionals within the ranks of PALI.

  • Senate Bill 1154 2013– Based on a problem with Dog fighting in Hazleton, Wrote and successfully got Senator Yudichak to sponsor the writing and successfully passing of The Animal Fighting Funding Bill allowing at least $250,000.00 each year to go to the District Attorneys for investigation and prosecution of animal fighting.

  • Pennsylvania State Police Erick Frein Search and Apprehension - Recognized for organizing a tactical feed donating 1000 Steak Dinners and deploying into the heart of the Search Zone to cook for the men and women in the field during the manhunt.

  • Hazleton Police Department Operation Road Runner - Uncovered, organized and spearheaded a multi jurisdictional Federal, State and Local task force targeting Human Trafficking, Identity Theft, False Pennsylvania Drivers license. Touted as the Largest Welfare Fraud in the History of Pennsylvania, this investigation spans 19 different States and two countries. As of June 2015 Federal Grand Jury indicted the two ring leaders and 18 of their associates.  Investigation via Homeland Security Investigations / IRS is currently ongoing and confidential. (The Pennsylvania Department of Welfare and Office of Inspector General continue to refuse to investigate)

  • Hazleton Police Department Operation Stolen Income Tax Return - assisted IRS with uncovering a theft ring responsible for bilking the IRS out of twenty-two (22) million dollars in false Income Tax return claims.  Investigation is currently ongoing and confidential.

  • Hazleton Police Department Operation Rising Star - Significant operation award for organizing and running the first ever Attorney General Mobile Crime Unit Deployment

  • Pennsylvania State Police Sick Leave Award 3 oak leaf clusters- Awarded for not using a sick day in over 20 years of service. To date have not used a sick day in over 34 years of work.

  • Pennsylvania State Police Flight 93 award- Awarded for serving as the mobile office communications director and setting up emergency communications using prototype mobile computers at the United Flight 93 crash site on 9/11/2001

  • Pennsylvania State Police Significant Operation Award - awarded for participating in the Executive Protection detail at the Governor's inauguration

  • Pennsylvania State Police Camp Hill Prison Riot Award - Awarded for working as a member of the rapid response team who entered a prison riot at Camp Hill prison and successfully restored order

  • Pennsylvania State Police Commissioners Commendation Medal - Captured a serial rapist who had been plaguing a college university campus for two years

  • Pennsylvania State Police Deputy Commissioner Letter of Commendation - Successful real time identification/fingerprint comparison of a murder suspect from the state of Maryland

  • Pennsylvania State Police Bureau of Technology Services 2005 Trooper of the Year - For work on designing the Mobile Computer System  

  • United States Army Commendation Medal- Off duty rescue of a family of five from a burning house

  • United States Army Commendation Medal- Arrest of seventy-four Felony drug suspects and purchase of over $172,000.00 worth of illegal drugs while working undercover

  • United States Army Good Conduct Medal - Awarded for three years of unblemished service


  1. Licenses / Certifications - past and current:

  • Expert Witness - Commonwealth of Pennsylvania - Fingerprint Identification

  • Expert Witness - Commonwealth of Pennsylvania - Footwear Impression Evidence

  • Expert Witness - Commonwealth of Pennsylvania - Crime Scene Processing

  • Expert Witness - Commonwealth of Pennsylvania - Forensic Photography

  • Expert Witness - Commonwealth of Pennsylvania - Gaming - Card Games, Slot Machines, Small Games of Chance

  • Deputy Coroner - Commonwealth of Pennsylvania - Certified Deputy Coroner in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

  • CDL Class A license holder certified instructor

  • PA Act 120 Certified MPOETC # 41200

  • PA Act 235 Certified

  • PA Licensed Private Investigator

  • NJ Licensed Private Investigator

  • VA Licensed Private Investigator

  • International Association of Chiefs of Police

  • ASIS International

  • Pennsylvania Association of Licensed Investigators – PALI

  • International Intelligence Network - INTELLENET

  • Board Accredited Investigator (BAI) 

  • The VIDOCQ Society Member

  • Licensed Firearms Instructor - handgun / shotgun / patrol rifle


F.  Key Note Speaker / Guest Lecturer

  • Temple University-Philadelphia

  • Penn State University-Main Campus

  • Luzerne County Community College

  • Lackawanna County Community College

  • Luzerne County Bar Association

  • Intellenet International Intelligence Network Conference April 2019

  • Intellenet International Intelligence Network Conference April 2020

  • Pennsylvania Association of Licensed Investigators September 2020

  • Intellenet International Intelligence Network Conference April 2021

  • Pennsylvania Association of Licensed Investigators September 2021

  • Intellenet International Intelligence Network Conference April 2022

  • Pennsylvania Association of Licensed Investigators September 2022

  • Intellenet International Intelligence Network Conference April 2023

  • Pennsylvania Association of Licensed Investigators September 2023

  • School for Private Investigators Continuing Education (S.P.I.C.E.) on the Sea Private Investigator Cruise January 2024

  • Podcast Guest – My Favorite Detective Stories Episode 53


  1. Executive / VIP Protection – Performed Security / Protection Details on the following individuals:

  • President Ronald Reagan –US Army; President George W. Bush – During 9/11 Memorial 2002 Shanksville, PA; President George W Bush – Wilkes Barre PA 2005, 2007; Governor Bob Casey; Governor Tom Ridge; Governor Mark Schweiker; Governor Ed Rendell; Governor Tom Corbet; Chris Webber – NBA; Baron Davis NBA; JZ – Rap Star; Noz – Rap Star; Joe Maddon – MLB; Cal Ripken – MLB; Joe Namath ‘ NFL; Mike Ditka – NFL; Bill Murray – Actor; David Ross – MLB, Bernie Williams – MLB, Tim Witherspoon -World Heavyweight Champion; Orlando Cepada – MLB; Tommy Lasorda – MLB; Rick Sutcliff . MLB; Ed “Too Tall” Jones – NFL: Six Congressional Medal Of Honor Recipients, Various other NFL, MLB, NBA Players


  1. Consultant- serve /served in both paid and pro bono status for the following organizations:

  • United States Congress

  • Pennsylvania Senate

  • Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office

  • Hazleton Area School District

  • Multiple Law Firms in Pennsylvania


  1. Committees, Boards and Affiliations-

  • Pennsylvania Association of Licensed Investigators - Board of Directors Secretary 2023 - to present.

  • International Intelligence Network (Intellenet) Board of Directors 2024 to present.

  • The Vidocq Society - Members and Committee Chairperson - Training, Education and Seminar Committee 2023 to present.

  • City of Hazleton Pension Super Board - Serve as a member of the Pension Committee responsible for a nearly forty million-dollar ($40,000,000.00) pension fund

  • Hazleton Police Department Civil Service Promotion and Hiring Board Chairman

  • Hazleton Communities that Care - Founding Board member

  • Past President and current Board Member- Board of Directors - Joe Maddon's Hazleton Integration Project/Hazleton One Community Center

  • Mobilizer- Hazleton Communities that Care

  • Facilitator- Disproportionate Minority Contact (DMC) project of Luzerne County

  • Founding Board of Directors - CASA of Luzerne County (Court Appointed Special Advocacy)

  • Board of Directors - Serento Gardens Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Center

  • Hazleton Area School District (HASD)Emergency Plan Development Committee - Chairman - Co-authored the HASD Crisis plan in 1998

  • HASD Harassment/Bully Policy Committee - Chairman- in 2010 Chaired the committee that prepared the current policies HASD 248, 249, 348 and 349 for the HASD

  • HASD Anti Bully Education Committee- Chairman- 2011-2012 Developed the current Anti-Bully curriculum for training all district employees (3,000) and teaching all district students (11,000+) with zero cost and no additional personnel requests

  • HASD Harassment On-Line Training-Developed the HASD Harassment Training course. This was the first ever online training to be done district wide.

  • HASD Anti Gang Committee – Currently serve as a member of the School Districts Anti-Gang committee working towards identification and removal of dangerous gangs in our schools

  • Author- Hazleton Area Cougar Football book – a 500 page Photo Documentary of the Hazleton Area School District football program ISBN#

  • Hazleton Area Quarterback Club - Member

  • Greater Hazleton Youth Soccer Association - Vice President- Built the Greater Hazleton Youth Soccer Complex – donated time and operated heavy equipment to build a complex of eight regulation soccer fields for youth in the Hazleton Area now used by over 1200 children

  • British Fingerprint Society - Member

  • National and State Chapters International Association of Identification - Member

  •  Inventor – United States Patent Office   Patent Number D337,473

  • Gaming Enforcement Office Selection Board- Chairman- Pocono Downs Corporal

  • Gaming Enforcement Office Selection Board- Chairman- Pocono Downs Trooper

  • Gaming Enforcement Office Selection Board- -Philadelphia Park Trooper and Corporal

  • Norristown Consolidated Dispatch Center Supervisors and Police Communications Operators Selection Board -Board Member


Over the past 35 years have investigated multiple Police Departments and State Agencies for compliance with both having appropriate rules regulations and policies as well as following them.

Hired by Municipalities, Attorneys and individuals as an Expert in the field of Police Policy and Procedure Review.

Recognized Expert in Police Policy and Procedure in Federal, State and Municipal courts throughout the United States.

International Speaker in Police Policy and Procedure Review and Financial Exploitation of Older Adults.

Authored / co-authored multiple State, Municipal and Private business and school district emergency operations plans.


Recognized Expert in Risk and Threat Assessments.

Although this is a CV, should references or details specific to an area highlighted in this document, be necessary they will be made available upon request.

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